ENVIS Environment and Energy Systems Research Development Ltd. , is an R&D company established in 2008 at the university-industry-technocity interface contained within ITU Arı Technocity to develop and put into practice R&D projects that provide solutions in the area of environment and energy and to realize/materialize technological ideas by providing expert view, know-how and expertise of the academy.

ENVIS has taken development and application of R&D projects aiming at providing solutions in the area of environment and energy technologies as a mission in line with the clean production technologies and sustainable waste management concepts.

ENVIS aims to establish cooperation between university and industry for research and training purposes to develop tailor-made solutions to the problems in the area of environment and energy; and using the outputs of such cooperation to provide solution oriented technological support compliant to national and international standards.


    Areas of Service

    • Resource Recycling and Re-Use
    • Innovative Technologies
    • Experimental Analysis and Treatability
    • Industrial Pollution Control and Upgrading of Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Management of Wastes and Waste Sludges
    • Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Evaluation
    • Wastewater Management and Design of Treatment Plants
    • Management, Operation and Maintenance of Treatment Plants
    • Carbon Inventories and Energy Management
    • Environmental Auditing and Management